Candid Crypto Podcast

Hey all!

My good friend Michael Edelheit and I created a podcast on cryptocurrency called Candid Crypto. We keep it casual and informative – with content for both beginners and crypto gurus.

As of May 28 2021, I am actively working on Candid Crypto’s collection of digital collectibles. We plan to release ERC-721 tokens (NFTs) to start, and work toward rewarding community engagement with our very own ERC-20 token!


There is an astounding amount of information regarding cryptocurrency – it can be hard to filter out which coins are actually useful vs. junk coins (affectionately referred to as shitcoins). I have been trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies for almost a decade, and purchased BTC off the original Mt.Gox exchange when the price was around $25.00. Past performance is not indicative of future results, and we do not provide investment advice, but we do share projects and coins we think hold strong potential for the future. Remember: Do your own research!

In addition, we wish to foster a community of learning by doing. You don’t have to be a cryptographer or developer to wrap your head around the practical applications of digital currency! A good example of this is DeFi – The technical underpinnings are complicated, but the consumer-facing apps are quite approachable. Sites like Uniswap or have simplified loaning and borrowing cryptocurrency into friendly, responsive websites.

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